Lisa Blackmore - Burlington Real Estate Agent

Finding that house for sale, townhouse for sale, or Burlington investment property is sometimes a challenge, especially when you find the property you want and find out the property was just sold. Because the real estate industry is becoming more sophisticated and challenging every day, you need a professional that understands the industry and is positioned to stay ahead of the game.

Make your home search easier by asking me to set up a personalized search for new properties for you that match your criteria. This way you will always know as soon as possible, when the right home hits the market.

The Benefits of using a Real Estate Agent

Although some people choose to sell their home independently, it is beneficial to list your home with an agent. There are a number of advantages to having a Burlington real estate agent, whether you are buying real estate or selling real estate.

When you have decided to list your home, the real estate agent has many roles. They have access to information that can help sell your home faster, and at a higher price.

Your agent may have many clients. And your agent probably works in an office with other agents with clients. An integral part of their job is to be aware of their clients' needs, and so they are always on the look out for their clients' perfect home-which could be yours! Your listing will get more exposure when you use a real estate agent.

Statistically speaking, your listing will sell faster as well. Your agent has a variety of methods to advertise your home, including their own personal website. The Internet is fast becoming one of the most convenient, reliable ways to search for homes for sale.

If you're on the opposite end and purchasing a home for the first time, you would also benefit by seeking out a real estate agent. The agent has many resources and will be helpful to first time buyers by:

  • Assessing your needs for your first home. This may be done by asking you questions, and making you aware of areas you may not have considered.
  • Directing you to a mortgage consultant to take steps to get a pre-approved mortgage.
  • Provide you with information about a home you are interested in.

As you begin to take steps in making a major decision in your life, leave the details to a qualified professional who is there to assist you.